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Not Rocket Science February Client Newsletter

Hello Not Rocket Science Trivia clients! This is the first installment of our monthly client newsletter. Each month, I will send you a brief update regarding your trivia nights. Newsletters can contain highly important information regarding your trivia nights.


1) Spring Expectations:

As we move into spring time, expect to see an increase in trivia attendance. Historically, March – May are our highest growth months. If you are seeing large crowds now, prepare for larger crowds in the spring. If your crowds are smaller now, they will grow as the weather gets warmer.

2) Client Portal:

We have launched our Not Rocket Science client portal. There you can leave a review of your host, download useful tools, and view all previous newsletters. You can view that portal here

3) Social Media:

I am attaching our “Social Media Smarts” booklet to your client portal. Anyone looking to improve their social media presence and trivia promotion should take a look.

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