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Case Studies

Client success stories that will leave you astonished!

At Not Rocket Science Trivia, we're all about celebrating the wins of our awesome clients who've put their trust in us. Their success stories are like our favorite playlists – a mix of fun, excitement, and pure satisfaction! Wondering if your story could be the next chart-topper? Dive in and let's create some trivia magic together! 

Hi Wire Brewing


Hi Wire Brewing began working with Not Rocket Science in 2020 at their Knoxville Taproom. After seeing the success of trivia, Hi Wire also added Not Rocket Science Trivia at two of their Asheville locations and their Birmingham location. 

Obsidian Brewery


Want to see the power of Not Rocket Science Trivia marketing? Look right here. Obsidian Brewery was a new brewery when they added trivia. They also were the first location in Leander to use Not Rocket Science. Therefore, Not Rocket Science didn’t have a built-in audience in the area. Obsidian trusted Not Rocket Science’s marketing. Obsidian also did everything they were instructed to do to promote trivia on their end. The result? Their very first Tuesday trivia night saw 24 tables come out to play. 


The Nodding Donkey 


The Nodding Donkey is a prime example of patience. The first month of trivia was admittedly slow. They were ready to shut it down. But they decided to give it some more time and see what would happen. Their patience paid off in a big way! Today, anything less than 30 tables is considered a “small crowd” at The Nodding Donkey. After the incredible success they had, they also added Not Rocket Science Trivia at their sister restaurant “Social Pie Pizza.” 




Can trivia work at a college bar? You bet! Literboard sits right next to the University of Tennessee. They added trivia in October 2020 and haver never stopped. Not only have they kept trivia, but they added a second trivia night. Now they do trivia on Wednesdays and Thursdays. But wait! There’s more! They also added trivia at their sister-bar, “Undeclared.”


Orange Hat Brewing


Remember 2020? Yeah, not a great time for bars. Unless you’re Orange Hat Brewing on Tuesday Trivia Night! They added trivia in 2020 and saw 16 teams on night-one. Trivia has only grown from there and is a staple of their taproom. When Orange Hat opened a second location in 2023, they added Not Rocket Science Trivia to the calendar in the very first week. 

Xul Beer Co. 



You want big crowds? That’s what you’ll get at Xul Beer Co. They see anywhere from 20-50 tables playing trivia every Tuesday. They have seen great crowds since their first night in February 2021. When they opened a new location in 2023, they added Not Rocket Science there as well. Naturally, the results have been the same! 

Appalachian Mountain Brewery 


In August of 2022, AMB added Not Rocket Science to their Boone location. Today, they consistently see 20+ tables come out to play each game. As soon as they opened their second location in Mills River, North Carolina, they immediately added Not Rocket Science to their weekly rotation!


The Libertine Bar 


You want 30+ teams per week? That’s exactly what you’ll get at Libertine. Libertine was initially skeptical of trivia because they said their “crowd skews older.” Clearly, that isn’t an issue. Ever since starting trivia in 2022, Libertine has established themselves as the biggest trivia night in the Lower Greenville area of Dallas.

Hillman Beer Co. 


Hillman Beer Co. started with Not Rocket Science in November 2022 and immediately saw the results! After a handful of months, their host moved cities and had to be replaced. They were worried their audience might dwindle. Nope! Because of Not Rocket Science’s multitude of skilled hosts, their crowds kept on roaring! Since then, Hillman has added trivia to their Old Fort location as well! 


Daddy Mac’s + Wild Wing

It took our team over a year to convince the ownership group of Daddy Mac’s and Wild Wing Café to bring on trivia. But they sure are glad they did! They started with trivia in Knoxville, but have since added it to their Asheville and Johnson City locations!

Humble Sea Brewing

Humble Sea uses Not Rocket Science’s affordable Do-It-Yourself program. After having consistent crowds come out for trivia at their Santa Cruz location, they launched trivia at their Alameda location as well. Now, both locations see incredible R.O.I. from their low-cost trivia nights. 

Hillside Tavern 


Get there early at Hillside Tavern! It’s gonna be a full house. Hillside started trivia in September 2022 and has never looked back. No drama. No stress. No problems. Hillside has consistently seen easy profits from trivia nights! 

The Brass Tap 


On the first night of Thursday trivia, the general manager at the Brass Tap said “this is the biggest crowd I’ve seen on a Thursday in a long time.” Imagine what he thought the next week when the crowd was DOUBLE the size.  Due to the incredible success of trivia nights, Not Rocket Science Trivia is now taking over Brass Tap's six DFW locations! 

Trap Door Brewing 


One location simply wasn’t enough for Trap Door Brewing. They started with trivia at their Washougal location. After seeing the success of their host, they added trivia at their downtown Vancouver location on a different night, with the same host! 

Brickhouse + Coral Club


Brickhouse added trivia in February 2023 and saw immediate results. One night, they had a substitute host who they thoroughly enjoyed and asked if she could be their new permanent host. Of course, the answer was yes! Their new host was an even bigger hit with their crowd! Now, Not Rocket Science provides trivia for both Brickhouse and their sister-bar, Coral Club. 

South Main Brewing



Launching a new brewery can be scary, but not when you have a solid trivia night to bring you Wednesday profits! Shortly after opening in 2022, South Main added Wednesday trivia to their event schedule. They consistently saw double-digit teams every week. In an email, the owner said she loves how Not Rocket Science provides her with “hassle free” profits. 

Pizza Bros East Ridge 



Everyone knows that winter-time can get slow for bars and restaurants. Pizza Bros is no exception. The winter is their slow season… except on Tuesday Trivia Nights! During their “slow season,” they still see a packed house on Tuesday nights. “Packed house” isn’t an exaggeration either. If you don’t get there early, you won’t get a seat! It’s been like that since they started trivia in November 2022.  

Birdie’s Social Club 


You know your trivia night is popular when people call ahead to reserve seating. Birdie’s Social Club had over 100 people reserve spots for their first trivia night in September 2023. They still see rocking trivia crowds every week. 

The Loon 


There are a lot of solid trivia nights in the area near The Loon. Their staff was slightly worried that there was too much competition in the area, which would limit their trivia success. They decided to try trivia anyway and had 10 tables come out on their first night! They continue to build their crowd every week. 

II Brothers 


A client of Not Rocket Science since 2022, II Brothers has consistently seen trivia profits. In January of 2024, they described their trivia nights as “on fire.”

Henry’s Majestic 


Nothing screams “good business” like a client who can't wait to show off their trivia night. Henry's Majestic loaded up their social media with photos and videos of their first night, driving more interest from people to come out the next week. Their consistent advertising, mixed with Not Rocket Science’s marketing is helping them build a mammoth trivia night!

Three Empires Brewing


“Get here early. Trivia fills up fast.” Those aren’t our words; those are the words of Three Empires Brewing. Their first night of trivia saw 10 tables playing. Every week since, the bar is absolutely filled with trivia players each week. If you don’t arrive at least 15 minutes early, you won’t get a spot.

Bearden Beer Market



“Trivia at the market” isn’t just an event. It is THE event. Not Rocket Science has been providing trivia for Bearden Beer Market since October 2020. It is a staple of their weekly event lineup.

Blackhorse Pub and Brewery


New pub, no problem! Blackhorse added trivia shortly after opening in 2021. It is predominantly an outdoor pub, so you would think that trivia only works for them during the summer months. Think again! Even when it’s freezing cold outside, you’ll see trivia players squeezing into their small indoor space to get in on the action!

Saloon 16



You know that guy Peyton Manning? Yeah, that Peyton Manning. This is his bar in Knoxville. When it opened in the fall of 2020, they added trivia to their Tuesday nights. Here we are, all this time later, and trivia is still rocking at Saloon 16 every week. Hey Peyton, any chance we can get an autograph?

Other Lands


The first night of trivia at Other Lands was only four tables. But the next week, it was 10 tables, then the next week it was 14 tables… you see where this is going. Today Other Lands can rely on trivia night profits every week. If you’re looking for a non-competitive, small crowd where you can easily win trivia, don’t look here! This crowd is competitive and you will always have double-digit teams battling for the top prize!

Southernside Brewing


Not Rocket Science had high expectation here. Southernside used to have a really good trivia night with someone else, until their host left. Southernside brought Not Rocket Science in to resurrect their trivia nights. On the very first night, there were 15 teams playing. Today, 20+ teams is the standard at Southernside. Trivia Night = Resurrected.

Level Beer



Level Beer started by adding Not Rocket Science trivia at one of their locations. They quickly realized that wasn’t enough! Today, Not Rocket Science services two Level Beer Locations with hosts who have developed great, personal relationships with their players.

Old Chicago Pizza


“Seriously… we love her.” Those are the words of the general manager when talking about his trivia host. A good host can make all the difference for trivia. Not Rocket Science understands this. Old Chicago Beaverton is a prime example of what a good host does for trivia.

Mellow Mushroom


A little risk pays off. Mellow Mushroom was the first place to host Not Rocket Science Trivia in Greenville. Sure enough, it quickly caught fire because they had something different from everyone else! Today, Not Rocket Science has more locations in Greenville, but Mellow Mushroom still sees their crowd turnout for trivia every week!

Tanglewood Pizza Co.


Double-digit teams is the standard here. In January 2023, Tanglewood started trivia. They had enough teams to make a profit, but their trivia nights weren’t huge… yet. They were patient, gave trivia time to grow, and now they see double-digit tables come out for trivia every week!

Lookout Brewing


Lookout Brewing had a couple that hosted trivia for them for years. But when that couple needed to step away in 2022, Lookout was in need of a new host. They were trepidations about how their crowd would react to a new trivia emcee. Not Rocket Science sent out our host to meet the players before our first game to ensure a smooth transition and their trivia nights have never been better, seeing around 15 tables playing every week.

Park and Co.


In their first week of trivia, Park and Co. saw 15 tables of people come out to play. This was a result of Not Rocket Science’s marketing as well as Park and Co. following the marketing steps outlined by Not Rocket Science. At the end of the game, trivia players were telling the host “It is so nice to a have a new style of trivia in Denver.”

Brat Haus


Brat Haus had so many people show up for their first trivia night that they unprepared for such a big crowd. Immediately after their first trivia night, they had to move trivia to a different area of the restaurant and put a limit on teams to make sure their staff could handle the influx of people. 

Bristol Brewing Company


Bristol Brewing’s first night of trivia saw five tables playing, which isn’t a massive crowd. But they stuck with the marketing process and saw 14 tables come out to play in week two. Since then, they have had a great trivia crowd.

Persuasion Brewing 


Persuasion Brewing uses Not Rocket Science’s affordable Do-It-Yourself program. It took some time to build a crowd, but after a couple of month’s Persuasion noticed other places around town copying their trivia model because it had been so successful.

Locos Grill and Pub


Locos began working with Not Rocket Science in 2021 and has never looked back! With a diverse crowd that features everyone from college students to retirees, Locos has seen that Not Rocket Science offers something for everyone!

Mills River Brewing



Using the affordable D.I.Y. program, Mills River consistently sees profitable trivia nights. They run the games themselves, saving the cost of paying for a host, which allows them to get the maximum amount of profit possible!

Thirsty Monk


Thirsty Monk has used Not Rocket Science Trivia since 2022. Their Tuesday nights went from lackluster, to seeing a consistent crowd of regulars who come to play every-single-week. Rain or shine, their crowd will be there.

Elevation 3333


February of 2023 was the inaugural night of trivia at Elevation 3333. Since then, they have built a solid crowd of regulars that look forward to coming out to the bar every-single Wednesday!

Mellow Mushroom


Trivia got off to a lackluster start at Mellow Mushroom. After the first month, the general manager said Not Rocket Science needed to double the crowd size in the next few weeks to keep trivia going. The crowd didn’t double in that time frame… it TRIPLED! Trivia has been a raging success at Mellow Mushroom ever since! Sometimes a little bit of patience is all it takes.

Sweet Old Bills


No drama here! In November of 2022, Sweet Old Bills added trivia. They had solid crowds from day-one and still hold profitable trivia nights every week!

The Tap


There’s nothing better than a referral! A loyal Not Rocket Science Trivia player said that he wanted his favorite trivia at his favorite bar. So, he connected the two parties and trivia has been rocking at The Tap since October of 2022.

Duke’s Pub


Consistency is key! Duke’s Pub added trivia night in January of 2023. They never changed hosts, game style, or anything else for that matter. And it has paid off. Their regulars love the consistent entertainment. And most importantly… it keeps them coming back!


Theodore’s Bar and Market


Theodore’s didn’t know if they were the right type of place for trivia when they got started with Not Rocket Science. Turns out… they are! Over a year later, Theodore’s Bar and Market is still doing trivia every week!

The Brewer’s Kettle


Talk about easy money! Ever since signing up for trivia, The Brewer’s Kettle has not had one complaint about trivia. They see consistent profits, crowds, and great host performance. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!

White Duck Taco Shop


Anything is possible with a good host! White Duck is not your stereotypical trivia location, but they were matched with a top-tier Not Rocket Science host who puts on an excellent show. That has led to long-lasting trivia success at White Duck!

8th State Brewing Co.



8th State wanted to run their own trivia nights, but didn’t want to write the games themselves. They opted to use our affordable D.I.Y. package where they run the games, while we provide the questions and marketing. Starting in February 2023, 8th State still runs trivia every Thursday.

Local Goat


A passionate, competitive crowd is exactly what you’ll find at Local Goat in Ooltewah. Since October 2022, Not Rocket Science has continued to grow the crowd at Local Goat. Today, you’ll find a crowd that shows up early, prepared, and loving trivia!

Hutton & Smith


One word describes the trivia experience for Hutton & Smith: Easy. Their crowd likes trivia. Their staff likes trivia. Their management likes trivia. Their owner likes trivia. You know what that means? Trivia is a great success there! That’s why Not Rocket Science has been providing trivia for them since October of 2022.


Monkey’s Bar


Monkey’s Bar wasn’t quite ready for the impact trivia would have on their business. In their first night of trivia, they had such a big crowd that they had to call the owner to help bartend! That was in February, 2023. Today, Monkey’s Bar sees consistent trivia crowds that bring profit to the bar every Tuesday.

Oakey’s Sports Grill


Oakey’s brought on trivia in July of 2022 and haven’t skipped a beat. One of few trivia games in town, Oakey’s has a loyal group of trivia players that can’t wait to compete with each other every week. Since trivia's been a big hit here, they suggested to their pals over at Pizza Hoss Karns that they should get Not Rocket Science Trivia onboard as their trivia provider too!

Company Distilling


Company Distilling is in the middle of nowhere… seriously. Townsend, Tennessee has a population under 600 people. So, when they wanted to do trivia, they didn’t know if Not Rocket Science would be able to get them a host. Sure enough, they got a GREAT host! Not Rocket Science trivia has been servicing trivia nights for Company Distilling since October 2022. Company distilling has also referred Not Rocket Science to their friends at “The Abbey.”



What a unique spot! Creekside is a food truck park that added trivia in April 2022 right after they opened. Quickly, trivia nights became a profit center for them. Not only does Creekside still do trivia every week, but they have also built a new climate controlled indoor area, so trivia can keep going through the winter!

Honeybee Coffee and Brewery


Honeybee used to be a coffee shop. Then they expanded into a brewery in the evenings, but they needed a way to get the word out. After playing a Not Rocket Science trivia game, the owner decided that trivia was the best way to get the word out about their new brewery. It worked! Not Rocket Science has proudly been providing trivia for Honeybee since April 2022.

The Pizza Press


The Pizza Press caters to students at the University of Texas, Austin. They quickly amassed a solid trivia crowd in the fall of 2023. After going on Christmas Break, they feared that they might lose their trivia audience when they came back in January. That didn’t happen at all. Their first night back, they were right back to double digit teams. Their team count continues to grow.

Oddwood Brewing 


Trust the process. That’s what Oddwood did. Their first couple nights of trivia saw small crowds, but they saw the potential. And that’s all they needed. After giving trivia a few more weeks to grow, they started seeing double-digit teams every week. Now, trivia is a consistent profit producer for Oddwood!

The Celt Irish Pub


Monday nights can be the toughest nights to build up trivia crowds. But the Celt was able to do it! After starting trivia in February, 2023, they have watched their crowd grow. Today, if you show up for trivia, expect to see the upstairs filled up with double-digit trivia teams!

Harwood Tavern


In May of 2023, Harwood Tavern was deciding between Not Rocket Science and a few other trivia providers. Eventually, they chose Not Rocket Science and they have seen rocking crowds ever since. In December of 2023, the manager said “damn, I’m glad I chose you guys” while talking to his trivia account manager.

The Fillmore Pub


Sometimes everything comes easy. That is the case with The Fillmore Pub. They added trivia in May of 2023. Their first night of trivia went smoothly just like every night since. They consistently see double-digit teams coming out to play trivia.

Gillespie’s Tavern


Gillespie’s Tavern was in need of help for their Wednesday nights. It took a year of talking to Not Rocket Science Trivia before they decided to commit. That commitment has paid off! After a few weeks of trivia, double-digit teams became the status-quo at Gillespie’s. It remains that way today.


Universal Joint


Universal Joint brought on trivia in November of 2023 and saw immediate results from their experienced host who interacted well with the players and staff. This location was so excited about their trivia experience that they referred Not Rocket Science Trivia to their friends at Universal Joint in Lawrenceville, GA. 




How would we describe trivia at DSSOLVR? Smooth sailing! The location is great. The host has a friendly connection with the players. The crowds pack the house every Tuesday. There has not been a single issue at DSSOLVR and they make great profits from the double-digit teams that come play every week. 

Fate Brewing 


If you want to really compete, Fate Brewing is your place! Don't be surprised if you walk in the door and see 20 tables of people strictly there for trivia. These people are prepared, passionate, and precise with their answers. That's just how we like it! 

Rugby House


logorhp (2).png

Rugby House initially decided to try out another trivia provider instead of Not Rocket Science. After working with that company, they came running back and signed up with us. On their first trivia night, they had 10 tables come out to play. Since then, they continue to see great crowds. They even add special event trivia games on other nights of the week because their crowd enjoys it so much!

Jaquval Brewing


Everyone is happy when 15 tables show up to play trivia on the very first night! Jaquval started trivia in the middle of a very competitive Dallas trivia market after the owner's friends recommended Not Rocket Science to them. The first night saw an awesome crowd and the party hasn't stopped since! 

The Abbey


The Abbey came to Not Rocket Science via a referral from Company Distilling. The Abbey is in Townsend, Tennessee (population: 601 people). That's not a giant pool of people to market too, which means we had to make the game so good that it would travel via word-of-mouth. And we did just that! Their first trivia night saw 13 tables come to the bar. Since then, double digit teams have been a standard practice at The Abbey. 


High Point Country Club


Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 4.42.14 AM (1).png

Can trivia work at a country club? Just ask High Point Country Club whose members are LOVING trivia! Their first night saw twelve groups come out to play, and they keep wanting more... and more... and more. So we keep giving it to them every week!

Bohemian Bull 


You know a client is happy when they refer you without you even having to ask. That is exactly what Bohemian Bull did. After just one month of trivia with Not Rocket Science, the Greenville location was so impressed with the results that they referred us to their Mauldin, SC location! 

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