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About Us

Trivia nights everyone can play!

From a serendipitous gathering of college students at the University of Tennessee during a local trivia night, Not Rocket Science Trivia was born. As the group found themselves at the bottom of the scoreboard, it became evident that traditional trivia nights often catered to the brainy few, leaving many feeling left out.

Thus, the spark for Not Rocket Science Trivia ignited—an idea that challenged the notion that trivia should be exclusively for the intellectually gifted. Instead, it was envisioned as a game for everyone, geniuses and non-geniuses alike, where fun triumphs over intimidation.

Starting in Knoxville, our enthusiastic student hosts carried this unique trivia format beyond graduation, spreading the joy of engaging gameplay to new cities. Driven by a shared passion to redefine trivia's accessibility, Not Rocket Science Trivia rapidly evolved into the fastest growing name in the industry.

Today, Not Rocket Science Trivia boasts a lively presence across 13 states and continues to expand. Our success is a testament to our dedication to providing an entertaining and approachable trivia experience for all, whether you're a trivia aficionado or a first-time player.

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