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Music Mashup

Where trivia and music bingo collide!

Music Mashup is our music themed game featuring rounds like name that tune, don't forget the lyrics, and more!

Music Mashup is the perfect game night for music lovers!

Round Breakdown

1. Name That Tune

2. Over/ Under Round

3. Name That Artist

4. The List Round


5. Don't Forget the Lyrics

6. Name That Tune and Artist

7. Mixing Things Up

8. Name That Year


Watch a Game

The Story 

After doing Music Bingo for three years, we thought we could do something better for our clients and players. So, we began talking to our players about what they liked and didn't like about music bingo and trivia. 

We found that players loved the aspect of music bingo that involved naming the song and artist, but they thought bingo got pretty monotonous. When we asked what they liked about our trivia, they said they loved our format. 

Based on that information from players, we decided to give them exactly what they wanted. Music + our trivia format. We mashed together music bingo with trivia and the result was music mashup. Since its launch, Music Mashup has been a hit with Not Rocket Science Trivia players!

Want to add Music Mashup at your bar? 

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